Promoting progress For Utah

"All tyranny needs to gain foothold is for people of good conscious to remain silent."


-Thomas Jefferson


​​​​​Why I am Running for U.S. Senate

I am an 8 year active duty military veteran, a 3 time Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and have a degree in human biology from the University of Utah. The leadership and personnel management skills acquired from my time in the military have provided me with the capability to get the mission accomplished. Like many, I have grown tired of the divisive partisan politics that currently plague the American political system. It is only through unity and cooperation that we can reignite true progress and begin moving forward together as Americans. I adamantly believe that in a representative democracy, the political platform - if exercised with integrity, and if one's intentions are genuine - can be an avenue to help people improve their quality of life on a large-scale. I felt morally convicted to run for office in 2016, and feel that conviction even more so going into the midterm elections in 2018. My desire is to fight for the hard-working members of the middle-class, stand up for those who are impoverished or down on their luck, and fight the corruption that is so rampant in American politics. 

​​​​Steve Hartwick is a candidate for U.S. Senate for the state of Utah

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